Cancun, Playa, Merida & Campeche: Who will win?

Those who still do not know: I love this country. Not for nothing, I am now the third time here. Every time I was on the Yucatan Peninsula on the road, and I soon almost all the interesting spots by. Here is a post about my highlights from the last time.

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Yucatan has a lot to offer, it is easy to travel and is one of the most popular focal points for backpackers in Mexico. I myself am also landed with Condor there again , if only because you can fly non-stop from Frankfurt to Cancun.

Arrive, stay one night and go on. I would suggest you. Cancun is the hub for the Yucatan region, so you will most likely end up there once. If you continue to draw directly, you do not need FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) have. Really miss something do not you do here.

Many backpackers stay longer in order to make bold party in the countless clubs or a bungee jump at Playa Tortugas to venture. Also a way to invest its coal, of course. But Yucatan has far more to offer than hotter and retract this city and you fat tequila hangover. Therefore, the tip also from a reader as a comment on the article by Patrick on 101 Places: “Get out of Cancun and into the real Mexico”.

Cancun city is a bit weird and not really exciting. At the Parque de Palapas you can you get cheap food and watch families to hang out. That it for now at real “sights”.

The hotel zone is perhaps still worth a visit to convince himself of the absurdity there, but basically are here only package tourists in the right place. Many buses take you for little money from Downtown directly into surreal happenings. Moreover, Cancun is the place for Isla Mujeres, a small but popular offshore island.

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