Magical Finland: Why this country is so fascinating

The winter and I

Relationship status: Complicated non-existent too.

Not for nothing, it pulls me over and over again in warm tropical areas of the world. But then came Finland. With its incredible island archipelago in the southwest of the country. And the hottest sauna experiences of my life. For a few days I was allowed as part of the Nordic Bloggers Experience the Matka Tourism Conference, the island community Kimitoön discover – at an average of -15 degrees Celsius.

Cheers, meal. Since I came up with my amateurish winter equipment before pretty pathetic. On the way from Helsinki to Kasnäs it was when we drove to the Finnish side of the world. Unbelievable that so far freezing cold and very short summers people indulging in seclusion, her life.

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I am even more impressed by the double handful of Finns living on the small islands Högsåra leave every day with the ferry to work and make their bulk purchases in civilization every few weeks.

Secretly, I ‘d even want to live in this magical atmosphere to lead. Where the senses and thoughts have a place just to be, not disturbed by the rugged energy of cities. A place to ground his mind and his soul. Oh, Finland.

 What went on in Finland?

Only a small, freezing glimpse of the city I was able to catch during the conference. Unfortunately not had the time or more to explore the streets and cool corners. The temperatures for me also a real challenge- a second time to come.

What I really enjoyed in Helsinki but without question, my two accommodations: Scandic Paasi, a so-called story hotel, right in the city. Just a cool hut: And at the Radisson Blu Seaside I was upgraded to a junior suite WITH PRIVATE SAUNA thanks to winning a Instagram Challenge.

What’s up! (It’s allowed me naked and happy to present to the bank)

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