Things to do in Miramar and Sandestin

If you are considering a holiday, but don’t know where to go, Miramar and Sandestin are one of the best holiday and vacation gateways in the world. They have first class accommodation facilities, a lot of fun activities and dozens of thing to do and place to visit. It does not matter if you are visiting as a couple, a family or even by yourself. In this post, I am going to list the top thing to do during your visit in these breath taking places.

Taking a walk through the Miramar beach is like walking down your memory lane. It captures the imagery of your childhood. But don’t let this fool you it has ultra modern amenities and activities which will keep your family occupied during the whole vacation. It has scenic beach roads, excellent restaurant, beach homes and even side resorts.

Things to do in Miramar and Sandestin


There are dozen of fun activities you can engage yourself in during your vacation in Miramar. These includes:

  • Exploring and discovering the art world of Miramar
  • The sports junkies can engage themselves in fitnes or yoga activities
  • Sampling the prowess of Miramar chefs by dinning in different hotels
  • Playing at the sandy beaches

The list of things to do is endless.


Another amazing place in Florida is the Sandestin beach. In fact it has been voted as one of the worlds best beaches. This beach has many activities to keep you busy during your vacation. The activities includes:

  • Kayaking.
  • Enjoying parasailing at the sky pirates waters port and parasailing center.
  • Playing with beach kites or stunt kites.
  • Playing beach volleyball.

Just like Miramar , the list of things to do in Sandestin is endless. The amount of fun you will have will entirely depend on your individual preferences. If I decide to list the whole fun activities in this beach, then I may as well write a book, because they cannot be exhausted. Go out there and discover for your self, because experience is the best teacher!

The best thing about visiting these places is that your are guaranteed of constant fun, no matter the size of your budget. You will never lack accommodation and places to dine. The locals a very friendly too. You don’t have to worry about your security and safety too. These are one of the most secure places in the world. One more thing. If you are located in Destin and you want to visit these amazing places, just use the best Destin taxi service available.

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