Wild boar hunting in Bulgaria

Traveling hunters, or, in particular, those interested in regulated hunting in different countries around the world, are unlikely to be familiar with local wildlife issues. Even if they are aware of a general principle, there are some peculiarities that happen unpredictably and this increases hunting opportunities or limits them. It may seem like a strange introduction to a topic that is focused on Wild boar hunting in Bulgaria but it is worthy.

Sometimes it is necessary to declare extreme measures to limit the population of an animal species. During the writing of this article, this is the case with the wild boar in Bulgaria whose population needs to be reduced in order to limit the possibility of spreading plague on domestic and wild pigs. Because there are such cases in other countries neighboring Bulgaria, the measures were so fast that they were even introduced by state law.

This has even led to polemics among hunters, but ultimately – measures are measures. So when you come to Bulgaria and after shooting a wild boar, do not be surprised that samples will be taken from the shot animal to see if the disease has covered the country.

Otherwise everything else is as it should be. Accommodation will be a choice according to the possibilities of the selected hunting agency. It is usually close to the hunting grounds, it is cosy and comfortable, and is is close to the area where the wild pigs will be hunted. The hunting program for wild pigs is very clearly labeled and complied with the hunting laws of the country. When you are a guest on the hunting grounds, it will ensure that all documents and licenses are made on time and specifically for the hunt you are interested in.

Wild boar hunting in Bulgaria is part of the big game offers. There you have the opportunity to hunter from high seat or driven wild boar hunt.Typically, bids contain all the details regarding the hunting of wild boar in the country. The terrain where the hunting will occur is also described, but as to its description, it is unlikely that even a vague notion of its true qualities can be reached. Maybe this passion for hunting combined with the natural features of the place where it will take place causes so many hunters to leave their hunting grounds and go to places where they can catch animals in their natural environment.


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